Why Community Matters When Getting Sober

POSTED BY Chris | Mar, 06, 2020 |

To live a fulfilled life being social is a necessity. Human beings are naturally social creatures and crave making connections with others. Being lonely affects everyone from time to time; however, those who struggle with addiction might find that they experience feelings of loneliness more often. This is often seen in people who are on the road to recovery. Addiction can cause some to lose friends and family over the years, making getting help even more difficult than it already is. Or in some cases, you are attempting to get help but the crowd you fell into isn’t exactly a positive influence on you. Once you get the help you need, you realize that these relationships are toxic but then it can be even lonelier because these people were still your friends at one point. We all need relationships in our life to get through tough times. Nonetheless, some relationships are more beneficial than others. Sometimes you need that one friend or family member to push you in the right direction. Unfortunately, not everyone in these kinds of situations has that one person on their team cheering for them. This does not need to be the case for you. At Sunrise Sober Living we enforce community so that everyone in recovery has the social interaction and support they need. Facing sobriety is a long, tumultuous road that requires encouragement from others. Sure, you can do this alone, but wouldn’t it be that much easier doing it with a group of people by your side.

Community Helps Inspire

Community sober homes are typically more successful than other treatment centers. A large part of that is because the community allows for more encouragement and positivity from others. It’s much easier to stay motivated and inspired when others who are in the same boat as you are surrounding you. Those who are new to the sober home will see someone who has been living there for many years now and may find inspiration in that person’s success story. Human beings have a large influence on one another, especially in settings like this where some people are coming in without any support system in place. Having a social life that pushes you in a positive direction can keep you away from any temptation you may have. It’s much easier to give up and quit on sobriety when you feel like no one cares if you fail or succeed, this is not the case at Sunrise Sober Living. We built a community so that even when you feel like there’s no point in continuing, you can look to your peer and see that if you keep going it will get better.

Judgment Free Zone

Facing addition then pursuing sobriety can be difficult due to the stigma that surrounds those who dealt with addiction. Some people are quick to judge others before hearing their stories. With a community sober home setting; anyone with addiction can rest at ease knowing that people who understand what they are going through surround them. Being able to share your story with your neighbor takes a ton of pressure off your back and can even make you realize that this isn’t going to be so bad after all. At Sunrise Sober Living you do not have to feel alone and judged. We are all here with the same goal in mine, sobriety. To boost the feeling of community and make your transition easier, we host weekend events. At these events, we hope that everyone can socialize and make friends with one another. Having a family at your new home is the first big step towards living a healthy, happy, sober life. From our community to our staff, we truly are a family.

Curious what living in a community based sober home could be like? Look no further than Sunrise Sober Living! We have everything you need to start your new life. Our community is enriched with amazing people, compassionate staff, and fun activities. Living in a sober home does not need to be filled with isolation and loneliness. Let us make your journey to sobriety one filled with encouragement and community. Reach out to us today at (954) 248-1818. We cant wait to meet you!