When I’m Done with Rehab, Where Can I Find the Continued Support I Need?

If you’re fresh out of rehab but don’t feel ready to take on the word alone just yet, luckily, there is a place you can go where you will receive the ongoing support and guidance, you’ll need to make it in the real world. You’ve made it this far, so trust in yourself that you can do it and with some help on your side! Getting and staying sober in Coral Springs can be difficult and it’s not easy to go it alone. That’s why you might want to transition first to a sober living home like Sunrise Sober living in Coral Springs. The caring staff at Sunrise Sober Living, has been helping people from all walks of life throughout South Florida to maintain a sober lifestyle. What’s more, we offer multiple living options including:

-Gender-separate living

-LGBTQ living

-Co-ed living

-Single living

-and more

A Sober Living Home Provides Recovering Addicts with Structured Routines and Rules

Continuing your recovery at a sober living homes like ours in Coral Springs will provide you with the structure, support and guidance you’ll need to be successful getting and staying sober as you take on the challenges of living a drug-free lifestyle. Sober living homes provide structure for recovering addicts but there are some rules to follow and chores to do so keeping busy is also an important part of the process. Studies show that enforcement of routines and rules help recovering drug addicts and alcoholics stay on a straight path, so they are not as likely to slip up and relapse in the future.

What are Some of the Rules of a Sober Home?

Congratulations for making it out of rehab and it’s very commendable that you’ve decided to apply to a sober living facility. After all, getting sober in Coral Springs is no great feat and you’ve already won half the battle. What’s great about sober living homes is that they prepare you for your return to the real world. So, you’re not just thrown out there to fend for yourself which can lead to a drug relapse. Some rules and guidelines you’ll be required to follow may include:

-Adhering to nightly curfews

-You will be required to obtain a job to contribute to the house

-Absolutely no drugs or alcohol use in the house

-Guest limited to family member and no drug users

-Attending group support meetings

-You’ll be required to do a variety of chores like cleaning the home or buying groceries for all the residents in the house

You’ll find all the comforts of home here to enjoy including access to stainless steel appliances, clean and comfortable rooms, televisions, music and more. Environment plays a large part in the recovery process. In order to feel like you’re making great strides, it’s essential that you feel safe, supported, and in the company of those who can relate to what you are going through. If this sounds like it would be a good fit for you in your quest to getting sober in Coral Springs, please give Sunrise Sober Living a call today at (945) 248-1818. We look forward to helping you start to really live again!