What to Expect from Sunrise Sober Living: Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs

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If you’re looking for addiction treatment in Coral Springs, don’t look any further! The experts at Sunrise Sober Living are here to assist. When drugs and alcohol have you boggled down, it’s time to get back up onto your feet. Easier said than done, right? Of course, it is. Addiction is a serious illness that can take over your life, affecting your family, friends, career, and life purpose. Addiction takes away happiness, and at Sunrise Sober Living, we’re here to help you get it back. As a sober living facility, we help those who are looking for a healthy in-between. After rehab, not everyone is ready to jump back into the swing of things. That’s where a sober living facility comes in handy. Keep reading to learn more!

The Benefits of Sober Living and Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs

There are numerous benefits from choosing Sunrise Sober Living and for choosing a sober living facility. First and foremost, let us tell you a bit about our community. We offer support and services for those dealing with addiction. By providing a safe, homey, and clean environment, we allow recovering addicts to find peace of mind, likeness, and a genuine sense of community. Healing happens in stages, and at Sunrise Sober Living, we’re part of the process. Some of the highlights of our company include structured living, professional staff, quality facilities, and communal sobriety. We’re serious about making sure that our clients are surrounded by others who have a similar life goal.

Our facility is unique in the sense that it is completely renovated. With brand-new stainless-steel appliances, and a clean and comfortable room for two, an outdoor terrace, and onsite transportation, what’s not to love? One thing people tend to worry about with sober homes is whether or not they’ll have to share a room with someone they don’t know. Fortunately, at Sunrise Sober Living, we have options. We offer single units, gender separate units, LGBTQ units and co-ed units. Whatever your style, we can accommodate your needs.

The concept of recovery is still very much part of our core foundation. We still do individual and group therapies, to ensure that everyone is staying on track. By sharing openly and honestly with one another, especially in regard to group therapy, we find that lifelong friendships are made, and nobody feels alone. Drugs and alcohol don’t have to alienate you. There are people, just like you, suffering from the same disease. There are also people who are getting the help they need.

If you’re looking for a sober home or addiction treatment in Coral Springs, reach out to Sunrise Sober Living today! We’re here to help you back onto your feet, back into the workforce, and back to your friends and family. Today is the day you choose to strengthen your journey towards a sober life. Call us at 954-248-1818 and see how we can help you flourish.