What Are the Benefits to Getting Sober?

POSTED BY Chris | Apr, 09, 2020 |
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Transforming tour life and getting sober can come with many known and unknown benefits to the person in question. However, these benefits are not always obvious and may take sobriety to fully understand why they are so great. If you have been considering taking your life in a different direction and think that a sober home will help you get on that path then look no further than Sunrise Sober Living. At Sunrise Sober Living we have the community aspect and the caring staff to help you achieve your goal of sobriety. During this journey to sobriety, or maintained sobriety, you will start to see some of the awesome benefits you will attain while living this new life. While some of the benefits are more obvious such as increased energy, better sleep, and lack of dependence, some less obvious benefits are pretty great too.

. More Time

This a huge one that is oftentimes overlooked. When time is spent under the influence it tends to go by much quicker and take up the majority of your days. Feeling the calmness of sobriety can be refreshing and allows you to have more time to self reflect and try new activities. With all this newfound time there are so many more things you can accomplish in the day, even if it is just chatting with some friends and doing laundry. Spending your time sober as opposed to being under the influence of drugs or alcohol can allow you to live your life again. Being constantly under the influence can waste a lot of time, starting with having to pick up the drug or drink of your choice, actually being intoxicated, and then feeling the side effects and next-day effects of your actions.

. New Hobbies

With all of this time on your hands, you are going to develop new hobbies. When you were intoxicated you probably did not have the time or desire to try new activities; however, now that you are in a community of people with all kinds of interests you will be exposed to different things. Chances are you are going to find a few things that you will fall in love with. Whether it is working out, painting, playing an instrument, or photography, there is something for everyone. Having a hobby will also give you something to focus on while you are in the process of recovering. As you gain new skills or improve at your hobby you will notice just how far you have come with your hobby and your journey to sobriety.

. Your Personality Will Shine

This is by far one of the most underrated benefits of becoming sober. When someone is under the influence quite frequently it gets to the point where they become lost inside their addiction. Their personality almost becomes the common traits people display when under the influence of that specific drug or alcohol. When you are sober you will begin to become the person you were before your addiction with some new traits and qualities you have gained after recovering from your addiction. The transformation is quite enlightening and beautiful to witness. Going through addiction can also make someone have low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence in themselves, making sobriety difficult at first. As the process goes on and proves to get easier each day you will build up new strength and your confidence will flourish. You will begin to see your addiction not as a defining factor of your life but as a life hurdle you jumped over.

When you move into Sunrise Sober Living you are not just here to get sober, you are here to make friends, learn about yourself, and take control over your life. By being a part of our community you are already benefiting from our program and becoming a new and improved person. You have decided to get sober and maintain sobriety. With our staff, community, and most importantly, yourself on your side there is no doubt that you will see so many benefits to sobriety. If you have struggled with addiction and think a sober home may benefit you then text us or give us a call today at (954) 248-1818.