Top-Notch Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs

POSTED BY Chris | Jan, 07, 2019 |
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What to Do After Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs  

You’ve pushed through to rehab, and you’re finally able to say that you’ve accomplished the term. Yet, many people coming out of rehab are at a loss. What does one do after addiction treatment in Coral Springs? How does one move on with their lives? Does one merely go back out into the real world with the things they’ve learned over the course of a few weeks or months? Sometimes, rehab isn’t enough, and that’s okay! At Sunrise Sober Living, we’ve been fortunate enough to have hundreds of people walk through our doors. A sober living community offers an alternate option. Sober homes are an in-between for those who aren’t willing to go back to their communities just yet. 

Why Choose a Sober Home After Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs? 

There are various reasons to choose a sober home after addiction treatment, but the number one reason is to strengthen and grow. Rehab offers a handful of beneficial programs, but there is always more room to expand. At a sober living facility, patients have the option to try rehab with a bit more freedom. We still offer many of the same courses, and we actively push for family members to be a part of the process. However, we also want to prepare our patients for a life outside of rehab. By slowly opening those doors, patients gain the confidence to walk back into society standing strong, proud, and ready. 

Another reason to choose a sober home is for the social aspect of it all. No, there aren’t parties or temptations, but it is an excellent opportunity to grow with other individuals who are going through a similar life moment. It’s not easy to find sober friends, primarily if the old friend group was part of the addiction problem. By joining a dry home, patients have the opportunity to meet new people, listen to new stories, and be inspired by the like-minded journeys of others. 

When you choose Sunrise Sober Living, you’re choosing a family. We offer newly renovated apartments, with each room offering temperature control and TVs. Our stainless-steel appliance kitchen offers a warm and welcoming ambiance. We know how important the environment is when you’re healing from addiction. For good vibes, an incredible team of addiction professionals, and like-minded individuals striving to be their best selves contact Sunrise Sober Living today at (954) 248-1818.