The Importance of Community in a Sober House in Coral Springs

POSTED BY sunrisesober | Jan, 03, 2020 |
Sober Living Facility Coral Springs

Social interaction is one of the core foundations of a happy life. There have been numerous studies on the subject, highlighting the detrimental effect of loneliness and a lack of community. When addiction strikes, the chances of loneliness become even higher. People are attempting to figure out how to be sober in a tempting world, how to let go of old relationships that are no longer healthy, and how best to forge on in the direction towards a better future. At Sunrise Sober Living, a sober house in Coral Springs, we understand the importance of community. This is why we strive to incorporate community-based events within our schedule. Keep reading to learn more!    

Advantages of a Community at a Sober House in Coral Springs   

What are the benefits of the community in a sober house in Coral Springs? The answer is simple. Community helps people to feel more inspired, less alone, and like they have a tribe the genuinely understands them. The tough part about addiction is that it can be challenging to find individuals who genuinely get where you’re coming from. If you talk to your family and try to explain the monster that is addiction, they may have sympathy, but it’s hard to understand what you’ve never dealt with. It’s tough to give the advice and lend a true, non-judgmental, listening ear when you’ve never dealt with what a person dealing with addiction is dealing with. When you’re discussing addiction with people who have been through it, you know that your story is being heard, absorbed, and truly understood.   


This is why at Sunrise Sober Living we work to provide an incredible team of staff members who also know a thing or two about addiction. Then, we build a community into the very pillars that make our sober home successful. For example, on the weekends we offer community cookouts for all of our residents. This gives everyone a chance to mingle, talk, and build new friendships. We also promote group therapy as a way of continuing healing, as we believe that there is plenty we can learn from one another.   


If you’re looking for a sober house in Coral Springs, you’re in the right place. At Sunrise Sober Living, we offer newly remodeled apartments that are no larger than two to a room. Whether you’re in a relationship, looking co-housing, or you’re LGBTQ, you’re welcomed through our doors. We know that addiction is challenging. We know that it is an uphill climb, but you’re not facing this alone. Addiction is an illness that thousands of people face every day, and now is your time to find a group of individuals who are serious about turning their life around. Contact the experts at 954-248-1818 and see how we can help you be your best version yet.