How does Sunrise Sober Living Offer Addiction Help in Coral Springs?

Addiction Help Coral Springs

Addiction help in Coral Springs comes in many forms with different programs, facilities, and communities. At Sunrise Sober Living, we know that choosing addiction help is unique to every individual, that’s our facility offers many options. Sunrise Sober Living is a co-ed halfway house that provides support for those who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Located in South Florida in a beautiful community, our newly renovated facility is a perfect location to fight the uphill battle to recovery. We know that each person has different preferences, which is why we offer male, female, and couple apartments!

Three Examples That Make Sunrise Sober Living the Best Addiction Help in Coral Springs

Extensive And Efficient Therapies

At Sunrise Sober Living, we house newly recovering individuals, as well as those who have been fighting this battle for quite some time. Regardless, therapy never ceases to be effective. We offer group therapies, one-on-one counseling, and more. Through these therapies, patients can understand themselves better, their peers, and even gain insights from those around them.

Safe Space To Heal

An essential part of healing comes from one’s surroundings. If a person is in a tempting environment, then it can be impossibly hard to continue on their sober path. At Sunrise Sober Living, we take away many of those tempting situations, by offering sober living options. When an addicted individual has the opportunity to solely focus on recovering, their chances of permanent sobriety is much higher. With our newly remodeled apartments including pillow top beds, fresh linens, stainless steel appliances, a fenced in yard and terrace, and free transportation, we’re the coziest location to mentally and physically heal!

Encouraging Community

Another vital part of a fostering environment comes from an encouraging and supportive community. Our team at Sunrise Sober Living helps to make a safe and secure location for all of our patients. We also only accept people who are serious about recovering, creating a mutually beneficial community. We also host community cookouts every weekend as a way of bonding, connecting, and growing together.

If you’re looking for addiction help in Coral Springs, call (954) 248-1818 today. You don’t have to fight through addiction detoxing, cleansing, and healing alone. Instead, join a group of people who truly understand your position, and allow yourself to make lifelong friends in the process. Call Sunrise Sober Living today. You’re only one step away from transforming your life forever.