Sober Living in Coral Springs: Five Fun Things to Do This Weekend!

Sober Living Facility Coral Springs

The decision to overcome substance abuse doesn’t have to mean life has to be boring! While drugs and alcohol can lower inhibitions, the dangers associated with illicit substance use can lead to serious consequences. Finding ways to enjoy life and have fun without being under the influence is integral to long-term success in recovery.

Sober living in Coral Springs offers all kinds of fun ways to spend your time. Here are five fun things to do this weekend!

1: A Creepy Take on Mini Golf

Monster Mini Golf is a fun twist on a classic family-friendly activity. Take to the creepy and ghoulish mini golf course to test your skills and interact with the animated obstacles and characters.

2: Escape Rooms

The escape room phenomenon has taken the country by storm! Test your wits and puzzle solving skills against the clock at any of the escape room locations popping up around South Florida. With different themes and challenges, escape rooms across South Florida offer unique experiences everyone can enjoy.

3: Sparez Bowling

While there are many great bowling allies in Coral Springs, Sparez makes our list because of their great deals! Pick the right day and time to go and you can get great discounts on lanes and shoe rentals. They also have food and snack options for a great two for one. Really love bowling? Many bowling leagues frequent Sparez, too! Join in the fun!

4: Planet Air Sports

Looking for a family fun adventure? Planet Air Sports offers options for everyone! From trampolines and wall climbing to sky-high rope courses and a challenging ninja course, you and your family can have fun and be active. There’s also a ski and snowboarding simulator that gives you the chance to experience something you otherwise might never do living in Florida.

5: Morikami Gardens

A cultural oasis hidden away in Boca Raton, the drive is worth it for the beauty of Morikami’s natural splendor. With a collection of decades-old Bonsai trees, a bamboo forest you can walk through, and a serene lake view, Morikami Gardens is a great place to unwind. The on-site museum immerses you into the history of Florida’s Japanese population and gives you an interactive insight into everyday life in Japan. Learning more about another culture as part of your recovery journey expands your horizons.

This list is by no means the only way to have fun while sober living in Coral Springs. Find local events in areas you’re interested in like the arts or sports. Don’t be afraid to spend time on your own, either. Self-care is a great way to spend your time and recharge.

With Sunrise Sober Living, you have the freedom to explore new ways to have fun in your sobriety. Sober living in Coral Springs gives you the opportunity to practice the new coping skills necessary for long-term recovery. This includes finding new hobbies and ways to have fun to occupy your time. The supportive community at Sunrise Sober Living will help you every step of the way.