Sober Living Home Gets High Marks

POSTED BY sunrisesober | Nov, 05, 2019 |

Congratulations on completing a detox program! It’s not an easy feat, and you should be very proud. But how can you make sure that you don’t fall off the wagon and start using again? At Sunrise Sober Living in Coral Springs, we understand that some people are just not ready to get back to the life they lived before addiction. Sometimes, even when you’ve spent weeks in a detox program, you may not feel ready to make the transition back to a sober lifestyle. Family obligations and work life may be calling, but you are just not prepared. But it’s no reason to feel ashamed or defeated. You’ve made it this far and should be proud. Unfortunately, you’re not out of the woods yet. You also don’t know if you can trust yourself not to use drugs or drink again. But luckily, sober living programs exist to help you with the difficult transition that some recovering addicts face after they complete a detox program. At Sunrise Sober Living, a leading sober living home for recovering addicts in Coral Springs, our treatment specialists offer help when you feel as though no one understands what you’re going through.

What living in a sober home in Coral Springs looks like

Most sober homes have specific rules that residents must follow to be allowed living privileges. These rules are usually non-negotiable and put in place to make sure that you are there for the right reasons. You are living in a sober community home so that you recover from your addiction and gain the life skills you’ll need to make the transition back into society again as a productive member. All sober homes are not run the same and may have different ways of handling rule violations such as paying fines, stricter curfews, or doing someone else’s chores. At Sunrise Sober Living in Coral Springs, we are proud of our many success stories, and you can be one too!  Rest assured that our addiction specialists know how to make sure you stay on a straight path to sober living.

Some rules residents in sober homes must follow include:

  1. No alcohol or drug use of any kind allowed.
  2. All residents must contribute by doing chores and keeping their room and home clean.
  3. Must secure outside work or school obligations to provide responsibility and daily routine.
  4. No use of vanilla or other ingredients for cooking that may contain alcohol.
  5. Nightly curfews are enforced.
  6. Regular drug testing at random times.

At Sunrise Sober living, a recognized sober residence in Coral Springs, we strive to treat everyone equally. If someone falls off the wagon, they run the risk of being asked to leave at any time. Our addiction specialists teach you how to be accountable for yourself and responsible for others. Call us today for a confidential consultation! If this program sounds right for you, call Sunrise Sober Living in Coral Springs at (954) 248-1818 to explore the possibilities.