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For single people who are in recovery, one big challenge is to get back in the dating pool and meet new people. Of course, there’s online dating, however, since most first dates take place in bars or over dinner with wine, it can be awkward to explain to people you just met online that you’re not really comfortable in such environments. There are also sober online dating apps that are now available, but many still prefer the old-fashioned, face-to-face way of meeting new people. Going to clubs or nightlife events to meet people is often out of the question as people who go to such places often drink alcohol. So, are there any other options? Here are some suggestions that could help:

Attend Gyms and Fitness Classes

Going the fitness route is one of the best ways to meet sober dates because people are most likely to look out for their health and wellbeing. Gyms are much better for meeting others because the sessions are normally less structured than a fitness class so there is more time to socialize. If going to a regular gym is not an option for you, attending different fitness classes could also work. When choosing classes, go for exercise sessions like CrossFit or boot camp where team bonding happens often. If you attend a dance or yoga class, the chances of having varied genders are lower. Another good option is to sign up for a flexible class membership/subscription that will allow you to try out different gyms and group classes in your area. This way, you can explore more and meet more people in the process.

Enroll in Special Interest Classes

Cooking classes, art classes, and foreign language classes are just examples of venues where you can find people who share similar interests. Go for something that you are interested in, so you’ll be more inspired not to miss a class. Not only is a class a good place to meet people, but it is also a great sober date idea.

Volunteer in Community Organizations and Events

Volunteering is another great way to meet new friends while doing something meaningful at the same time. You can try volunteering at the local soup kitchen, in learning centers, animal shelters, and other community initiatives especially during the holidays. Sunrise Sober Living in Coral Springs regularly takes part in community affairs.

Join Team Sports

If you have an athletic streak, look for team sports you can join in your community like basketball, volleyball, or baseball. This is a great way to develop new friendships in an environment as sports foster social skills like teamwork and communication. Keep in mind that you are not only limited to meeting your new teammates but also their families, friends and even your competitors.

Go on Adventure Trips

Have you ever tried hiking, scuba diving, or rock climbing? These activities are enjoyable, and they are also attended by active-minded people. Just like people in fitness classes, they are more likely to be focused on these types of pursuits.

Look Out for Local Meetups

One common way to meet new people is by joining a book club, even when not all the members are interested in reading books. The good news is there are many social meetups organized all over the U.S. where you can meet up with people sharing the same interests. There are meetups for people who love movies, business, tech, superheroes, music, and many more.

Go to Festivals

There are actually sober festivals you can attend, enjoy, and meet new people without the risk of being tempted to drink or use drugs. There are sober music festivals in the U.S. and different parts of the world. If music is not your thing, you can also attend yoga festivals, which are also drug and alcohol-free.

Hang Out at Coffee Shops

One of the cheapest and most convenient ways to meet new people is in coffee shops. Coffee shops are not only places to get your daily espresso shot. Now, cafes are also being used by people who work remotely outside of the office. Instead of spending your time isolated while in recovery or lounging on your couch, you can get out and hang out at your corner coffee shop instead. You may meet at Sunrise Sober Living in Coral Springs, but there are also other places to meet for coffee!

Get a Matchmaker

If all else fails, getting a matchmaker may not be a bad idea. You can start by asking your family members, friends, and coworkers. If you have the budget, you can also get a professional matchmaker who can recommend potential partners. People who know and love you can play Cupid wonderfully.

Attend Rehab Alumni Events

There are rehab facilities like Sunrise Sober Living in Coral Springs that organize sober events that are free to attend for people who have completed inpatient treatment at their facilities. There are alumni programs specially designed to give former residents an opportunity to meet up with like-minded people and form new connections.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, help is available. Contact Sunrise Sober Living to learn more about our addiction treatment in Coral Springs.