Signs You’re in Need of Addiction Help in Coral Springs

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Addiction is a sneaky illness. One second, you’re just experimenting with a drink or a drug, and all of a sudden you can’t live without its presence. If this is a story you feel you relate to, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans around the world are suffering from the same illness. Some of the individuals who are in serious trouble are those who are addicted to opiates. Prescribed as a painkiller after a serious procedure, they couldn’t seem to shake the need for them, even long after the pain of surgery resided. This is just one example of how easy it is to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Having said that, the sneakiness of it all can leave people feeling that they don’t have a problem. Friends and family, on the hand, might share something different. If you’re looking into this article, chances are you have questions. If you keep reading, you’ll discover five of the top ways addicts know it’s time to get help.

Friends and Family are Asking You to Consider Addiction Help in Coral Springs

The first sign people usually begin to notice is that their friends and family are asking them if they’re okay. From there, the questions begin focusing around addiction help. It’s complicated for families and friends to address their concerns, as they don’t want to be hurtful or come off judgmental. However, if those you love are starting to become worried about you, perhaps it’s time you started worrying too.

Slacking at Work or at School

College is a place where many alcoholics live. College students take out their stressful weeks on booze-filled weekends. The release of a party can help college students reset and rejuvenate for Monday. At least this is the story society and college peers will tell. The reality is that the endless partying and drinking to get through school is really detrimental to a young person’s health and future. Alcohol addiction targets young students, and some of them actually fall victim to it. A good way to tell if you’re a student or a worker is how much attention you’re putting on your school work or your career. If the answer is very little and you’re continuously distracted, perhaps it’s time to start asking questions.

Physical Symptoms

For those that have been using for a while, there may be physical symptoms starting to arise. Both alcohol and drugs can impact the liver, stomach, heart, brain, and more. When physical symptoms start to appear, it’s the body letting you know that enough is enough. Of course, some individuals will find other items to blame their sudden health changes on. That’s why it’s crucial to be honest about whether or not your addiction is helping you to be your best, or simply tearing you down.

If you’re having questions regarding addiction help in Coral Springs, contact Sunrise Sober Living today. We’re a halfway house with newly remodeled apartments, and plenty of care and compassion for our residents. We know that dealing with the fact that addiction is taking over isn’t easy, but we assure you that sobriety will be worth it. It’s time for you to move forward, growing into the person you’ve always been meant to be. Don’t waste another second. Contact Sunrise Sober Living today at 954-248-1818.