Make Sober Living a Part of Your Addiction Help in Coral Springs

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Finding help for drug and alcohol addiction takes hard work, patience, and diligence. Are you looking for successful addiction help in Coral Springs for yourself of a loved one? If you are fed up with programs that do not offer results, there is help available. Sober living homes are a place for people to regain their lives. They serve as a temporary place for people who completed drug rehabilitation to cope with the pressures of the outside world. It helps the deal with the temptations that exist in the early stages of their recovery. Recovering addicts who attempt to go directly back to their previous lives, often find themselves relapsing and starting the cycle all over again.

Call Sunrise Sober Living for addiction help in Coral Springs

A stay at Sunrise Sober Living in Coral Springs is not a punishment. If you struggle to control your drug or alcohol use, their time is now to get help. Living in a sober house provides residents comprehensive support and services for clients dealing with drug and alcohol addiction issues. While in a sober living community, residents can practice their new recovery skills and build confidence in their new sober life.

Sunrise Sober Living provides a safe, clean, and supportive environment for men and women who are in the early phase of their recovery and who are not quite ready to live completely on their own. Couples are welcome, and, of course, anyone straight, gay, lesbian, or transgender should apply.

South Florida is a fantastic place to start life in recovery, not only for the beautiful, warm weather, but also because of the supportive recovery community that exists here. If you need addiction help in Coral Springs, Sunrise Sober Living is more than just a place to call home temporarily. It’s an opportunity to build lifelong relationships with others in recovery that may serve as a support system in a new, sober life. Call us today to get started!