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Living healthy may be an American obsession, especially in the sunny warm climate of Coral Springs Florida; but for many people in recovery, having living sober tips for living sober is a matter of life or death. Depending on how long you were addicted and to what drug you were addicted, for long-lasting recovery, you should have a plan for healthy ways of living sober. Lucky for you Sunrise Sober living in Coral Springs is here to help!  

When it comes to living sober, it’s all a process. We have the aim of progress- not perfection! But being sober is still a new and different way of living for most people who are new to recovery. One that you will need time, guidance, and patience to adjust to. Along with the help of experienced professionals. As with any good plan, but especially with a healthy sober living plan, you will need a solid foundation. At Sunrise Sober Living we know that “Aftercare” is not just a term labeled for post-rehab or addiction treatment. In order to not feel overwhelmed by all the changes that come with a new life in recovery, many people find that living in a halfway house or within a sober living community like Sunrise Sober Living is extremely beneficial. In fact, continuing with aftercare programs or community meetings is an important component of maintaining healthy sober living and staying focused on recovery.  

Sober Living Tips in Coral Spring     

One of our first suggestions and “Tips for Sober Living” is avoiding triggers and apply the acronym “HALT” which stands for: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired. If we let ourselves get too hungry, angry, lonely or tired, we are headed for problems. Nobody can be useful to anyone if they are dragging, cranky, uncomfortable. And addicts are likely to get a craving for a substance of choice if any one of these basic necessities isn’t cared for.    

The reason we bring focus to this is that “Triggers” and cravings are a very real part of addiction recovery. We can all proactively prevent relapse by taking care of ourselves and recognizing certain signs. The key to maintaining healthy sober living is a combination of self-care and self-awareness.    

Taking things day-by-day, hour-by-hour, or if necessary, minute by minute is crucial to your early success in recovery. There are quite a few other tips that the team of addiction counselors at Sunrise Sober Living has found helpful for or new residents at Sunrise Sober living when they feel stressed or overwhelmed dealing with the pressures of living sober.  

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Want to get more tips on living sober in Coral Springs? Contact Sunrise Sober Living today! Remember to surrender, let it go, and accept things the way they are. Trying to change things that you have no control over is like trying to stop the ocean from its ebb and flow. Futile.  

In South Florida we can step outside and surf, skateboard, wakeboard, skimboard, go paintballing, fishing, tennis, baseball/softball, soccer, boxing, golf, boating, travel, ride motorcycles, dirt bike, paddleboard, scuba dive, run, basketball, play ping pong, pool, we could keep going…but why don’t you add your favorites to this list, share it with others in recovery and get out there and have some healthy sober living fun!