Key Tips to Getting Sober in Coral Springs

POSTED BY sunrisesober | Jan, 16, 2020 |
Sober Coral Springs

Addiction is an illness that millions of Americans have. As the opioid epidemic takes over the United States, it’s more and more common that all walks of life are facing this issue. A person can go to the medical experts for a procedure and end up being prescribed painkillers for discomfort. Shortly afterward, they’re using their painkillers far more often than they should. Getting sober in Coral Springs and beyond isn’t an easy endeavor. There are many roadblocks in the way, many of which are our minds, cravings, and desires. However, with the help of professional and trained experts in rehab, recovery, and getting sober, you can rest at ease knowing that your journey will be a bit easier. While there are many tips out there for getting sober, these are a few of the top recommendations.   


1. Find a Trusted Friend When Getting Sober in Coral Springs   

Addiction recovery can be a lonely process. If you have to check into rehab, you may be overwhelmed with how alone you can feel. You don’t have the people you see every day, nor do you have your familiar life. If you can find a friend, however, that is a good influence and is there by your side when you need them, you’re bound to feel more supported along the way. This feeling of support and encouragement is essential in recovery. If not with a trusted friend, then perhaps with a trusted family member. If not with a friend or a family member, then perhaps within the context of a small support group.   


2. Stay Healthy   

Trying to stop your mind from thinking about your addiction is one of the most challenging things to do. That’s why many people take up other, healthier, hobbies as replacements. For example, healthy habits would be working out, teaching others, or even meditation and yoga. These activities are meant to keep your mind focused, which can save you from relapsing, keeping you sober in the long run.   


3. Diet   

While there are different opinions on whether or not a healthy diet matters in recovery, at Sunrise Sober Living, we’d say that it does. We think that you are what you eat. If you’re working towards being a better, healthier person, then other areas of your life should reinforce this image and idea as well. The healthier you can be in numerous aspects of your life, the better off you will be.   



Finding purpose can be challenging, especially if your number one goal for months or years was finding your next fix. Addiction recovery strives to dust off the old you that happened before addiction. What did you like? Where did you want to be? What goals, aspirations, and dreams did you have for yourself? With these questions, you can start to find a sense of purpose again. Working towards your goals, you can have something else to focus on other than addiction.   


If you’re looking for a place to recover and continue your sobriety, contact the experts at Sunrise Sober Living today at 954-248-1818. Addiction is complicated, but we assure you that with the right team, you’ll be well-supported through the process. With our newly remodeled apartments, trained team members, and compassionate care, why choose anywhere else? Getting sober in Coral Springs is an uphill battle, but at Sunrise Sober Living, we’re here to help you fight.