How Can a Halfway House in Coral Springs Help with My Addiction and Recovery?

Sober Living Coral Springs

If you’ve just come out of rehab for alcohol or drug addiction, you may not be ready to head home just yet. The thought is scary and you are overwhelmed with thoughts of using again. So, where do you go to get the help you need? It sounds like you’re going to need additional support to recover fully from your drug or alcohol addiction. A halfway house in Coral Springs may just be the answer. A halfway house should be a haven– a place where you feel safe comfortable and supported while you figure out your next steps to reintegrate back into society. This might entail helping you to find a job, register for school, learn a new skill or reconnect with your family or life partner. It’s not unusual for you to feel lost, uneasy or on shaky ground when you first get out of rehab, especially if you’re really not sure at this point if you can make it on your own in the real world. Just a few days or weeks of detox aren’t enough to fully prepare some people. If that’s you, you are not alone! At Sunrise Sober Living in Coral Springs, we provide a caring supportive environment and focus on how to get you back to living your best life! Our goal is to give you all the tools and life skills you’ll need to succeed when you leave our facility. What are some of the things you expect from a halfway house in Coral Springs?

Clean and comfortable rooms

You’ll be expected to do chores to help keep the facility clean

Managers will provide transportation for grocery shopping

Transportation provided to 12-Step programs

Zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol use

Strong, supportive environment

Average length of stay is three to 12 months

It’s understandable that you might be feeling uncertain and unsure of how you are going to get through each day when thoughts of drugs or alcohol use continue to weigh heavily on your mind. At Sunrise Sober Living in Coral Springs, we teach you how to navigate the day-to-day uncertainties and deal with the demons that might still haunt you from time to time. But be proud, pat yourself on the back and know that if you’ve come this far without relapsing, anything is possible and within your reach. Baby steps are what you’ll take at our halfway house in Coral Springs, and then when you’re ready, you’ll reenter your community once again and become a productive member of society. Your family and friends will be so proud of all that you’ve accomplished. But most importantly, you’ll feel a renewed sense of purpose that only comes from the hard work you put in to get yourself there! Call Sunrise Sober Living today at (945) 248-1818 and be on your way to addiction-free living!