How Environment Plays a Part in a Sober Living Community in Coral Springs

Three Lessons of Gratitude You Learn in Your First Year Sober

When an addict finishes his/her time at rehab, it doesn’t necessarily mean they feel confident and ready to face the real world. Sober living homes are excellent options for those who are looking for an in-between. However, the condition of the sober living community in Coral Springs must be clean and up to date, and here’s why that makes a difference:

A Clean Sober Living Community in Coral Springs Releases Feel-Good Chemicals in the Brain

Studies show that clean spaces are beneficial for productivity, organization, and happiness. While many live in a constant state of disaster, a sober living home has standards. For addicts, location and environment are everything. If the house is dingy, dark, and old, a resident’s emotions reflect it. Alternatively, if a home has new furniture, natural light, and a warm ambiance, recovering addicts are more likely to feel that they can safely continue along the path to sobriety.

Unfortunately, there’s a stigma around sober living homes, portraying that they are not clean or healthy. Sunrise Sober Living is a prime example of a halfway house that proves otherwise. Their newly-remodeled facility, complete with stainless steel appliances, welcomes recovering individuals from all over. Outdoor spaces also play a large part in happiness, which is why the residency provides a fenced in backyard with a terrace.

Sunrise Sober Living also has strict rules and requirements, as they’re only looking for individuals who are serious about making the necessary life changes. The selection process allows for a supportive group of people. A dynamic support system is a large part of what makes sober living communities in Coral Springs so beneficial. People can relate to one another, listen, and even make lifelong friends. The community also brings a sense of belonging, which can help a resident maintain a sober lifestyle. Sunrise Sober Living offers group counseling daily. If you’ve just been released from rehab, but feel you need the support of a halfway house, contact (954) 248-1818 today. Don’t start out on your own until you’re ready!