You Don’t Have to Hit Rock Bottom to Look into Addition Treatment in Coral Springs

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There are a handful of myths that surround addiction treatment in Coral Springs. One of the most popular is that a person will need to hit rock bottom before deciding it’s time for drug or alcohol treatment. This just isn’t true. An addict is an addict, regardless of the depths they’ve reached. Addiction recovery isn’t about who’s been addicted the longest, who needs the most help, or who’s seen the most. It’s about people who decide it’s time to make a change.   

Don’t Believe the MythsThe Truth About Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs  

The most significant risk of believing the rock bottom myth is that it keeps people spiraling. There is not a single health field that recommends waiting until the situation gets to it’s absolute worst in order to seek help. Most health professionals, in fact, suggest seeing a professional as soon as symptoms start. Imagine if addicts recognized, even for a brief moment, of their addiction early on. Imagine if, during that insight, it was recommended to seek help immediately. 

Instead, the myths that surround addiction paint a portrait of a person almost overdosing before deciding to go to a professional. This is simply the wrong way to view addiction assistance. Substance abuse of any kind is hard on physical health, mental health, and the human spirit. By telling the world that it’s normal to hit rock bottom first, addicts end up with much more damage than necessary. Instead of hitting rock bottom, let’s talk about “raising the bottom.”  

Sunrise Sober Living invites addicts in all stages to give them a call. As a sober living facility, they offer their patients 24-hour assistance and care.  Addiction treatment in Coral Springs isn’t an overnight process, but by being surrounded by people who genuinely understand the struggle of addiction, the chances of recovery are high! A sober living home helps to keep away distractions and possible triggers. If you’re ready to get back to a healthier mindset, body, and world, call (954) 248-1818 today. Their completely remodeled, male, female, and co-ed apartments are available to house you during your recovery. Don’t hit rock bottom if you don’t have to. Raise the bottom. Start today!