Addiction Treatment in Coral Springs: Staying Sober

Part of addiction treatment in Coral Springs is not only getting sober, but staying clean and sober. Relapse prevention is a huge part of living in recovery. Whether you are seeking help for addiction treatment or you are well on your way to fighting back against your drug or alcohol addiction, Sunrise Sober Living is a great option. The reality is that if you go back to your old life not 100% ready to accept temptations and move through them, then you will be more likely to relapse. The best part about staying at our halfway home is that you can choose when you feel you are ready to return to your regular life a changed person.

Recovering from an addiction leaves a person at their greatest risk of relapse during their first year, as they adjust to living sober. There’s a very important transition period involved when going from a life lived trapped in the throes of an addiction, to a life of freedom and sobriety. “Living Sober” means that once an individual has returned from in-patient treatment, it is essential to implement a plan that provides the greatest probability for long-term recovery through living sober in every way.

It is critical to have good supervision and companionship during the sober living stage. Addicts are most vulnerable in the early part of recovery, and having a companion and a house full of others who are experiencing the same changes, struggles, and transitions can be very beneficial. Part of addiction treatment is getting help to navigate life in sobriety and support as you build a sober living foundation, which can bridge the gap between in-patient treatment and a new life in a sober home as a sober member of society.

Addiction is a terrible disease that threatens to destroy someone’s relationships, their health, and even their careers. The longer you continue to abuse drugs and alcohol, the more harm you’re doing to yourself and those around you. Addiction treatment in Coral Springs is a great place to start your new life of sobriety. Sunrise Sober Living is a halfway house that gives consistent and comprehensive support and services for our residents who are dealing with drug and alcohol addiction issues. So, what makes us different from your other sober living choices in Coral Springs?

-Sunrise Sober Living has been in business since 2015

-Each of our Sunrise Sober Living properties has a live-in manager, who is overseen by a Certified Recovery Residence Administrator

-All the residents at Sunrise sober Living share chores to help keep the residences clean

-Our Sunrise Sober Living managers provide weekly transportation to 12-Step meetings, valuable addiction treatment resources and grocery shopping runs

-Sunrise Sober Living has a zero-tolerance policy toward using substances

It’s a sobering thought that so much time spent trapped by addiction can now be focused on enjoying life to its fullest. Some people mistakenly think that they can’t have fun without drugs or alcohol, or that living sober must be miserable and boring. The truth is that there is no shortage of ways to enjoy life at Sunrise Sober Living, all while being alcohol-free and drug-free.

Are you or someone you love tired of being locked in an internal battle with alcohol an addiction? Are you wondering if living in a sober house really works with addiction treatment? We understand exactly what you’re going through – because you are not alone. There are millions of other people who are now happily living sober lives who used to struggle with that voice in their brains convincing them to drink, drug, or use. Confusion, sickness, loneliness, and desperation are much easier when embracing life in a sober community. You will find that living sober means living in a place of warmth, wisdom, support, encouragement and understanding. You will be able to share ideas, compare notes, boost each other along, sympathize, empathize, commiserate, and rejoice. Now that’s living!