Addiction Help in Coral Springs: Sunrise Sober Living

The best addiction help in Coral Springs is available through Sunrise Sober Living. Sober living provides residents with the path to a drug-free lifestyle, and moving back into the workforce as they move into a healthy halfway house. Sunrise Sober living helps with addiction treatment by proving a friendly, safe environment to help individuals in early recovery who are not quite ready to live entirely on their own. With residential rules and guidelines that provide a sense of accountability and on-staff addiction treatments specialists, Sunrise Sober Living provides the best possible choice in Coral Springs for encouraging a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Sunrise Sober Living is a halfway house that offers comfortable and comprehensive support and services for residents dealing with drug and alcohol addiction issues. Helping our residents in getting and staying sober in Coral Springs, FL is a top priority for the team at Sunrise Sober Living.

Many people in Coral Springs struggle with alcohol or drug use and consistent sobriety on a regular basis. Our goal at Sunrise Sober living is to help them turn things around and learn how to avoid similar abuse patterns and habits in the future. Sober living, or communal sobriety removes people going through the transition of addiction recovery from temptation, providing an environment where everyone is working towards the same goal. Getting sober can feel like a huge challenge to someone who has let their addictions and substance abuse take over their life, but find enormous relief in placing their trust in the team of professionals at a sober living community. The team at Sunrise Sober Living cares about you and your health, and offers support and guidance around the clock at our sober house to ensure a safe and comfortable recovery process. Finding the right help when it comes to your recovery is very important!

Sunrise Sober Living offers addiction help in the form of one of the best halfway houses in Coral Springs! Our ultra-clean halfway house and sober home is great for singles, gender separate, LGBTQ and coed. Our apartment-style living is never cramped, allowing residents plenty of space with no more than two clients per bedroom.

Our fenced-in yard with terraces allows our residents to kick back in total privacy and enjoy activities like fun and healthy cookouts every weekend. Structured living daily programs are provided, including group meetings.

With Sunrise Sober Living, you get all of this in a high-quality facility. The halfway house offers pillow-top beds, fresh crisp and clean linens, new stainless-steel appliances, washers and dryers, cable television and Wi-Fi, as well as smart TVs in each bedroom, and a computer in every household! It’s easier to progress in a program of recovery when you can relax in a new and comfortable facility, as you take steps to turn your life around. Our facility in Coral Springs is situated in an upscale community within walking distance to supermarkets, restaurants, and stores.

Don’t just take our word for it! Addiction help in Coral Springs with Sunrise Sober Living has received some amazing reviews online. Here are some of our recent online reviews:

“This place saved my life and gave me the foundation I needed to start a happy and healthy life.”

–Miranda, Coral Springs, FL

“I would not be sober today if it wasn’t for the compassion of the people who work so hard every day for the clients here. Forever grateful.”

–TJ, Coral Springs, FL

“My opinion on Sunrise Sober Living is very good. This is a great place with people who genuinely care about one another and go out of their way to help their clients. Sunrise is one of the best places I’ve been to if not the best. The staff is amazing, caring, and does everything they can to help the next person in. My overall opinion is that this place is truly amazing. And a great place to get clean and sober. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe place to get the help they need.”

–Nathan, Coral Springs, FL

“Sober Living gave me another shot at life and welcomed me with open arms and gave me the experience that everyone should get, they gave me a chance and showed me the way of a new life, it brought a new group of people into my life who now I call my family. I was given a set of directions to follow in order to change my life around from being homeless and coming in as a client to now being a supervisor for the best sober living organization in South Florida. The experience has by far been the best one I have ever had and I have been down this road for 20 years struggling with addiction and with the help of the owners, staff and the clients SUNRISE SOBER LIVING has made me the person I am today. I am forever grateful for a place who cares so much about a person’s well-being.”

— Charlie, Coral Springs, FL

Sunrise Sober living is ready to hear your story, and provide the addiction help that you need. Help is being here! Let you true recovery start with Sunrise Sober Living.