A Sober Living Community Provides All the Support You Need to Succeed

POSTED BY sunrisesober | Dec, 08, 2019 |

So, you’ve just finished your rehab program. That was two weeks or more of painful withdrawal and reflection; now what? Do you feel you are not ready to get out there and be part of society again? Well, you are not alone. So many people, just like you fresh out of rehab for alcohol or drug abuse, are not ready to head home just yet. It can be overwhelming. Are you ready to hang out with your old friends again? Are you ready to attend family functions? Are you prepared to go back to work full time? If you’ve answered “probably not,” and these things sound scary to you right now, you are not alone.  Don’t despair. It seems like you’re going to need additional support to recover fully from your drug or alcohol addiction, and we can help!

Be a part of a supportive community

Sunrise Sober Living is more than just a halfway house in Coral Springs. It is a sober living community where everyone helps everyone out in the next step to integrate back into society. This might mean helping you to find a job, register for school, learn a new skill, or reconnect with your family or a life partner. It’s not unusual for you to feel lost, uneasy, or on shaky ground when you first get out of rehab, especially if you’re not sure at this point if you can make it on your own out there! At Sunrise Sober Living in Coral Springs, we provide a caring, supportive environment. Our residents have all been through rehab and can offer you some great advice and support. The goal at Sunrise Sober Living is to educate you about real-life situations and give you all the tools and skills you’ll need to succeed when you leave our sober living community in Coral Springs.

What will I find in a sober living home?

  • You’ll be expected to do chores to help keep the facility clean
  • Managers who will provide transportation for grocery shopping
  • Transportation provided to 12-step programs
  • Zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol use
  • A strong sober living community
  • Length of stay is 3 to 12 months

You’ll also find that the apartments in Sunrise Sober Living are clean and comfortable. The apartment homes are all updated with clean, spacious bedrooms and complete with new appliances, cookware, TVs, stereo systems, and more.

Get your life back on track today

At Sunrise Sober Living in Coral Springs, we will teach you how to deal with the day-to-day uncertainties of life. We encourage you to take baby steps because that’s the only way you can navigate your new world of being sober. We want you to leave our facility with the confidence and skills to help you succeed in life. When you leave our sober living community, you will have a renewed sense of purpose that only comes from the hard work you put in to get yourself there. We are here for you! Give Sunrise Sober Living a call today at (945) 248-1818, and you’ll be on your way to living life as a sober citizen forever!