3 Common Myths About Sober Homes

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South Florida has earned the reputation of the place people to go to achieve and maintain sobriety. While this is not entirely accurate, there are regardless many sober homes down here for people to choose from. More sober home options although great on paper is not always a dream come true. With all of the great sober homes out there, many are sketchy. This sketchiness is where many of the common sober home myths come from, and while these myths ring true to those bad sober homes they are not always representative. To find the right sober home for you the best thing you can do is plenty of research and then narrow down the homes you want to visit. Once you begin to visit these homes you will start to see that the myths are usually just myths with no real truth behind them. At Sunrise Sober Living we break down all the myths and prove that these are not representative of what we do here. Haven’t had a chance to talk to us or visit us yet? No biggie, keep reading down below to hear some of the common myths that prove to just myths at Sunrise Sober Home.

1. Sober Homes are Not Safe

This is one of the biggest concerns people have when first looking for a sober home to live in. We can understand completely why safety issues can make anyone hesitant. You want to fill comfortable in your home and living in a sober home does not mean this comfortable feeling goes out the window. This concern comes up when people realize that sober homes accept recovering addicts as well as newly released criminals. The best way to ensure the home you are considering is safe is to look up their safety record and see if they have had any issues in the past. You can also opt to live in a home that has some kind of standard when they choose who they accept.

2. All Sober Homes are the Same

This myth is one that comes from a lack of information. We cannot expect the general public to know that there are different kinds of sober living homes when they have never had to consider living in one. We think it’s important to make this clear so that when you are looking into a sober living home you know which ones are best for you. There are sober homes, halfway houses, and sober apartments and dorms. Depending on what amount of privacy you want and how much you prefer to pay will be a big deciding factor in your choice from halfway house and sober home, apartment, or dorm.

3. Sober Homes Do Not Regulate You

This is a common belief of sober homes due to them being less regulated than say a nursing home would be. This is because sober homes and other places such as nursing homes are viewed differently in the government’s eye. A sober home is sometimes a temporary living situation for people making it have fewer regulations than a nursing home which is 90% of the time a permanent living situation. While there are some sober homes out there that do not regulate its residences to the fullest extent, there are many who do. In reality, all sober homes will regulate you to some degree; however, some have more regulations depending on if they have a medical service component to it. Depending on what kind of sober home you choose to live in will determine how regulated it is, giving you the benefit of choosing what regulations are best for you.

At Sunrise Sober Living we offer a high-quality living situation and services. Our staff are also very caring and love helping out our community in all aspects of life. We know that there are many myths out there but that should not deter you from choosing to live in a sober home. Sober homes are one of the best ways to get sober and maintain sobriety for the long-term. Not only will the right sober home help you reach your sobriety goals, but it will also offer you many benefits such as community, personal growth, and fun activities. With all the common myths busted what’s stopping you today? Call or text our staff today at (954) 248-1818 to learn more about what Sunrise Sober Living can offer you.